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No oily residue. We dig Matte Texture

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Rob S.
Use nightly to take off the day's mess! Love going to sleep with a clean and crisp feeling.
Kevin A.
This is a great scrub. It works
Nicholas D.
The products exceeded my expectations! My face feels and looks better
Jesus M.
I thought it wouldn't do the job like other moisturizers but this combo definitely has changed the look of my face!!
Tierra Y.
My husband really liked this scrub. His face is sensitive so the smoothness of the texture was perfect. Sometimes you think “exfoliating” when you see charcoal as an ingredient so I was hoping it wouldn’t have any beads in it - & thankfully it didn’t. He said the scent was really refreshing and he liked how well it lathered. He wants to try the moisturizer next so we will be buying that too!
Stuart W.
This is an amazing product! The scent is amazing and it makes my skin feel so smooth!

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We're not here to play games. We're here to deliver results. We understand that as a man, your expectations are high, and you deserve products that live up to them. That's why we're confident in offering this guarantee —it's a testament to our belief in the quality and effectiveness of what we provide.
So, there's no risk in trying our products. You've got 30 days to put them to the test. If they don't meet your standards, we'll make it right—guaranteed.
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