The Power of 10 Key Natural Ingredients: A Men's Skincare Regimen

The Power of 10 Key Natural Ingredients: A Men's Skincare Regimen

If there’s one thing we want you to understand as a men’s skincare provider, it’s that the quality of ingredients make all the difference.


This sentiment is the backbone of our skincare regimen for men, as we take immense pride in preserving the powerful benefits of key natural, ethically sourced ingredients, working synergistically to create our straightforward and highly effective men’s skincare regimen.

Too often, companies don’t care enough about their products (or customers for that matter) to not include harmful chemicals, ranging from non FDA-approved preservatives with alarming side effects, to harsh detergents, and even dangerous levels of Formaldehyde! (Formaldehyde - American Cancer › cancer › cancer-causes › formaldehy...)


To add insult to injury, it seems these brands assume you don’t care enough about your skin to evaluate every last ingredient on the label.

We find this blatant lack of transparency and quality reprehensible, and proudly say HELL NO to these substances that are completely counterproductive to the notion of health.

Through thorough observation and evaluation, we’ve found that when it comes to repairing and preserving your skin, one thing becomes evidently clear: Mother Nature knows best.

Our high-grade Activated Charcoal, alongside our Extracts of Pine, Aloe, Rosemary, Bamboo, Peppermint, and Walnut all come from a sustainable farm located in CITY/REGION, South Korea.


The preserving powers of activated charcoal have been leveraged by human beings for thousands of years, dating back as far as Ancient Egypt ( where it served as an integral ingredient in the preservation their dead.

Modern research tells us as early as 450 B.C, drinking water was stored in charred wooden barrels, which simultaneously preserved and purified the water over the course of long journeys.

In a pinch, ingesting activated charcoal can even act as a rudimentary antidote ( to certain toxins and poisons!

Over time, mankind has discovered the benefits of activated charcoal offer physiological advantages as well.


Two decades ago, it was clinically determined ( ) activated charcoal acts a natural repellent, proven to be highly effective against harmful pathogen such as Escherichia coli (E. Coli) and Staphylococcus aureus (Staph).

The molecular structure of activated charcoal also has absorbent properties that behave as a sort of magnet, adhering to small substances and oils, bringing them to the surface, and detoxifying the skin. This quality is due in part to the compound’s incredible porosity. In fact, just a teaspoon of activated charcoal contains the surface area of an entire football field! These properties also create a slightly gritty texture, which works as a great exfoliator, stripping away layers of dead skin to reveal newer, healthier skin underneath.

Needless to say, we cannot think of a better ingredient to serve as the backbone of our skin regimen. The combined effects of our activated charcoal moisturizer and facial scrub work together to leave you looking smooth and refined, ready to tackle your obstacles with confidence and certainty.




Pine bark oil is a powerful antioxidant, packed with OPCs (Oligomeric proanthocyanidins) and able to bind with key amino acids that support the production of collagen, which produce anti-aging effects, improving the retention of moisture in the face as well as protecting your skin against harmful ultraviolet rays.

With over 40 distinct antioxidants, our pine extract interacts with Vitamin C and E to work as a natural anti-inflammatory. This results in relaxed blood vessels, reduced blood pressure, and healthier cardiovascular circulation.




A refreshing astringent, rosemary oil tones and conditions your skin to stay looking fresh for the long term. Antimicrobial benefits fight off acne by decongesting hot spots, while also eliminating flakiness and dryness, preventing future breakouts.



Rosemary also acts as a stimulant for aging skin, reinvigorating circulation, reducing under-eye dark circles and puffiness. This results in a brighter, sharper, more confident look.


Comprised of nearly 70% natural silica, bamboo extract heals and regenerates ( your skin after a hard day’s work, by aiding the production of collagen while preventing the loss of moisture. Bamboo also contains astringent properties, firming your skin while restoring its youthful bounce.

This ingredient also behaves as an anti-irritant, soothing symptoms of sensitive skin types and conditions such as eczema or psoriasis.

When it comes to mitigating the damage of annoying breakouts, our bamboo extract makes your skin cells less likely to become irritated or enflamed, effectively reducing their overall severity and frequency.




The multi-faceted and minute particles of walnut powder retain the extreme hardness of the nut’s shell, acting as a gentle abrasive and exfoliant. Considered a gift of nature to many followers of alternative medicine, this unique ingredient works in tandem with the activated charcoal to buff your skin after a hard day’s work.




Peppermint oil contains antiseptic and antibacterial properties, which further combats inflammation and irritation from acne while promoting skin elasticity. Beneficial levels of menthol accomplish these results while creating a distinguishable and soothing cooling effect.




Considered by many Asian cultures to be a bona fide longevity-booster, modern science has validated the claims of this mushrooms medicinal powers ( Containing several anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, the use of this fungus furthers the cleansing and rejuvenation process of our products. Black Hoof Mushroom has even been used for anticancer purposes.




Perhaps the most famous herbal remedy for topical skin conditions of all time, the benefits of aloe vera for your skin truly know no bounds.

On the molecular level, aloe Vera has anti-bacterial properties which have been found to heals wounds while also minimizing scarring. This also includes the aggravating effects of Eczema and Psoriasis.

Spend long hours under the sun or around other direct heat sources? No matter, the aloe vera extract in our products helps heal and soothe mild sunburns and other first-to-second degree burns.

The Aloe extract in our products also contribute to our comprehensive treatment of oily skin, as key hormones and minerals bolster the absorbing capabilities of our facial scrub and moisturizer.




When the effects of this many resources combine forces, the result is a premium product, that comprehensively and simultaneously attacks the causes and effects of acne.

All of our key natural ingredients, ethically and sustainably sourced from Korea, backed by both science and history to deliver results, work in tandem to develop and maintain our signature BAD ACE complexion.

The road to healthier skin is right there in front of you. Take courage, and make the decision to elevate your skin today with our comprehensive and powerful skincare regimen for men.